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Monitor de Frequência Cardíaca Para BeBê

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Droship Doppler Fetal Portable Pregnant Baby Heart Rate Monitor 3.0MHz Pregnancy Baby Meter 

Heart Rate Detector LCD Display No Radiation
Ultrasound Doppler Fetal Heart Rate Monitor
No radiation can be measured for 9 weeks.


1. Highly sensitive probe
The probe has high sensitivity, IPX1 waterproof level, waterproof, durable and detachable. It is designed separately outside the fetal heart rate monitor, which is easy to replace, waterproof and durable. The large ultrasonic Doppler probe can transmit the jump of each fetal heart in time. Quick and clear feedback of fetal heartbeat, more comfortable for pregnant women to use.

2. Intelligent noise reduction, clearer fetal heart rate
The product body has a built-in intelligent noise reduction and sound insulation unit, which can effectively reduce noise and make the output clearer.
Intelligent sound insulation unit to reduce weak murmurs such as amniotic fluid flow and intestinal peristalsis

3. Clear sound quality, play inside and outside
Built-in speaker and audio output interface, you can clearly listen to your baby's heartbeat.
(1) The loudspeaker listens to fetal sound
Share your baby's fetal heart sounds with your family
(2) Listen to fetal sound with earphones (earphones are not included, you need to prepare by yourself)
Put on headphones to listen to the fetal sound, you will not hear the outside noise, and you can hear it more clearly

4. The large LCD display makes the reading clearer
4.5CM large screen display, so that hot mothers with poor eyesight can also look directly at their fetal heart rate data, which is convenient for reading and more worry-free.

5. Power-saving 60 seconds automatic shutdown
When the instrument is turned on for 60 seconds without any operation, it will shut down without wasting power.

Type 1

Type 2

Frequently Asked Questions and Precautions

Q: What is the fetal heart sound like?

A: The fetal heart sounds are coaxing, coaxing, coaxing like a small train, or like a horse's hoofs, da, da, da, very rhythmic

Q: Why do you need to move the probe position?

A: Since the fetus moves at any time in the abdomen, the position of the fetal heart also changes, so if you can't hear it
When the fetal heartbeat is clear or the heartbeat is weak, move the probe in time to find the best position.

Q: How often does the test take, and will it affect the child if too many tests?

A: Fetal heart rate and other indicators are in line with national standards, you can rest assured to carry out daily fetal heart rate monitoring. Under normal circumstances, you can measure 2-3 times a week. Older pregnant women and pregnant women with a history of miscarriage can appropriately increase the frequency of use.

Q: How to find the fetal heart?

A: Find the fetal heart - must move the probe slowly and in a small range (about 1 cm), and stay for 2-3 seconds after selecting the position. Don't worry during the process, moving the probe frequently will only make it more difficult for you Find the fetal heart, hear the fetal heart
After the heart sound, you should continue to move the probe to find the loudest and clearest position. At this time, there will be basically no noise.
The accuracy of the fetal heart rate is also the highest

How to use:

Best time to monitor fetal heart rate
Get up in the morning
within 30 minutes

within 60 minutes after lunch
Within 30 minutes of bedtime

Fetal heart position reference map
First trimester (12-24 weeks)
Belly button ~ 5 points below left, middle and right.

Second trimester (24-32 weeks)
The midline of the navel and the 4 points below it

Third trimester (32-40 weeks)
Extend 4 points in the oblique direction of the navel

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